We offer several types of online advertising:

You pay only for the correct and accurate completion of your offer. You pay only for the actual result! You define the amount paid for the completion of your task by the user! For example, you may request that users register on your Web site, register for your mailing list, participate in your program, register through your affiliate link, etc. You will be able to check the accuracy of each completed registration and must pay only for the correct ones.

From $0.15 per Lead. More info>>>

You pay for every completed survey. You are able to set up as many questions and variants of answers as you need. A survey may be an incentive, or not. You'll get only unique respondents. A survey is the best way to learn about our members' opinions!

From $0.10 per Survey. More info>>>

You pay for the actual unique person that visits your Web site. Your site will be visited only by members that are interested in your offer. This is the easiest way to attract thousands of targeted visitors to your site. We provide you with a wide variety of options to set up your Pay-Per-Visit offer.

From $0.01 per Visit. More info>>>

We have over 115,000 members; most of them have agreed to receive e-mails from our advertisers. You can send out your e-mail with your offers to all of the members who have agreed to receive e-mails. This is a huge audience that will receive and read your promotional e-mail and then will visit your site and participate in your program. NO SPAM! All responses are opt-in! You only pay for those members that read your e-mail and click on your link, e.g. visit your site. This is very effective and popular type of advertising.

Unlike other Pay-Per-Email programs we don't take money for the number of e-mails sent, but only for Real Visits to your site. You don't pay for "empty" e-mails, but for real visitors. This is our advantage!

From $0.01 per E-mail. More info>>>

You can place your banner or text link on our Web site. All our members will have the opportunity to see your banner and click on it to visit your Web site. Banners on our Web site have a very high CTR (Click-Through Rate)! It is about 2-5%, which is much more than with regular banner exchanges! You will pay for each one thousand of your banner impressions. This is a very effective and inexpensive way to advertise.

From $5.00 for 1,000 Banner Impressions. More info>>>

All these types of advertising in our program are very cost-effective; we have a lot of members and all of them will be glad to participate in your offer.

Effective promotion and advertising result in the success of your business!

Register, start your own advertising campaign and start your business on the road to success and prosperity!


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