Advertisers FAQ

1. Why should I use UniqPaid as opposed to another company?
As an independent company, we offer a trusted third party tracking system to both members and advertisers. With only one account, our members can participate in any number of advertiser programs, aggregating their earnings and receiving one monthly payment from us. At this moment we have over 150 advertiser offerings. We have a history of on-time and accurate payment to our members. We offer excellent support. Our members enjoy being a part of our system because of our service. As an advertiser, you too will benefit from our service.

2. Do you allow International Advertisers?
Of Course! There are no restrictions on the locations of Advertisers. And for members, is available all over the world, too. So you will find each other.

3. How much does it cost to set up an advertising account?
It's free.

4. What is the minimum deposit to start an advertising campaign?
The minimum amount to start your own advertising campaign is only $50.00! We work with both large advertisers, who spend thousands of dollars, and small advertisers with advertising budgets of less than $50.00.

5. Who sets the commission rates, and how is that done?
You, the advertiser, decide how much to pay and which types of commissions to use. You can set up hybrid programs as well, such as 25 cents per lead and 10 percent of a sale to U.S. members, and only 10 cents per lead to others, etc.

6. How can I view reports of my account?
Reports can be viewed online 24/7. You can log in to your account at any time.

7. How do I get started, what is the first step?
The very first step is to sign up here. You will be walked through the entire setup process, and most advertisers can be running in less than a day. And also, feel free to contact us with any questions at: [email protected]

8. What kinds of online advertising can I use at
We offer and provide several types of online advertising: Pay-Per-Lead, Pay-Per-Visit, Pay-Per-Email, and Pay-Per-Impression. Click here to learn more about these types of advertising...

9. How are the members paid; do I need to pay them myself?
We make all the payments. Members are paid on the 20th of every month for the previous month, accurately and on time.

10. How are actions tracked?
Since each link redirects first to the servers, and then to the Advertiser's site, we are able to match up at the event of a hit or lead with the member who completed the action. We use cookies to track users, leads, sales, clicks, etc. Upon the action on your Web site (such as a lead), you report to us that an action has taken place, using the tracking code that we provide to you during the setup of your campaign. At that time, we figure out which member, if any, is responsible for the transaction. ALL NORMAL TRANSACTIONS through other advertising means are NOT tracked by us because they did not come through a site.

Also you can set up and use your Pay-Per-Lead Offers without a tracking code. You can set up a Confirmation Question and Confirmation Answer. (Such as a New User ID, the e-mail used in registration, some text phrase from your site, etc.) When our member completes your offer, he/she provides the answer to your question and you will see that through our reports. You will be able to Accept or Reverse the lead.

For fully correct and accurate tracking, we recommend the use of our Tracking Code. Use Tracking Questions ONLY if you promote referral or affiliate links, and not your own site.

11. What happens if a customer does not have cookies turned on in their browser?
Our research indicates that nearly 97% of Internet users have cookies enabled on their browser. Cookies are an integral part of the Web and aid in the creation of e-commerce Web sites, user-friendly Web sites, and other customized sites. In the uncommon event that a customer has cookies disabled on his/her browser, the customer is not available for tracking and actions will not be tracked using our Tracking Code.

If you set up your campaign without using Tracking Code, all leads will be tracked through Tracking Questions, without using cookies.

12. What kind of fraud prevention do you have?
We have many automated tools in place to alert us to possible fraud. Our team also monitors the activities of advertisers and members to make sure that there is no suspicious activity. ALL members are reviewed before they can take a part in your offer and fraudulent users will NOT be paid ANY commissions. The fact is that most people who attempt to fraud advertisers or members are not very good at it and are easy to spot, catch, and terminate from the System. We have a ZERO tolerance policy for fraud, no exceptions, no second chances.

13. Is there any software to install on our server; Do we need to pay you for this?
We give you a small piece of HTML code to put on the "Action" page of your Web site. That is the only "software" to install, there is no other programming knowledge required at all. If you need help installing the software, we will assist you. There is no charge for help setting up the Tracking Code. You should be able to complete the job very quickly.

Also you can set up and use your Offers without tracking code. In this case, there is no software to install.

For fully correct and accurate tracking, we recommend the use of our Tracking Code. Use Tracking Questions ONLY if you promote referral or affiliate links, and not your own site.

14. How long does it take to get started and be up and running with my program?
Most advertising campaigns can be up and running in the same day of the setup.

15. I am interested in advertising with your program, but first I have some questions. What country do most of your customers come from? Please use percentages if possible? Also, what type of opportunities are most of your customers looking for?
About 15% of members are from the USA, 20% are from the European Union and the others are from many other countries of the world. The majority of them looking for free samples of products, free Web services, sweepstakes, and so on.

16. Are you still offering pay-per-lead advertising?
It is the main service that we offer to our advertisers.

17. Do I pay before or after the campaign?
You must deposit a minimum of $50.00 to your account before starting your campaign.

18. How long after I order will my campaign start?
After activating your offer you should e-mail us to start your campaign as soon as possible.

19. If I do a Pay-per-lead campaign and offer $0.50 per lead. How long will it take to generate 500 leads?
It will depend on the website where the member should register. To receive leads faster it should be free and available for international members. For example, you will receive approximately from 50 to 70 leads per day for "one-field e-mail only" offers, 15 leads for survey program, and from 20 leads for dating offers (the higher price you will set up the much faster you will receive the leads). This example is for international offer.

And this is exampe for "USA only" targeted offer: you will receive approximately from 20 leads per day for "one-field e-mail only" offers, 10 leads for survey program, and from 10 leads for dating offers (the higher price you will set up the much faster you will receive the leads).

This information is based on our own statistics.

20. How many users do you have in the US so I can calculate the approximate cost of sending emails out to them?
We have about 7,000 members from the USA. It will cost $70.00 if you will pay $0.01 per e-mail. You will receive money for all unread e-mails back.

21. Can you tell me what will happen if I place my offer on my national language; will international members also see it?
If you need international registrations then we'll ask you to translate your text into English, otherwise we'll set up the geotargetting for your offer so it will be seen by members from the required countries and only in the national language.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]


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