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Pay-Per-Visit Program

You pay for each unique visit to your site by our member. We place your banner or text link on our Web site; our members click on it and visit your Web site.

There is a wide variety of settings and options for your Pay-Per-Visit offer on our Web site. You can, for instance, set your offer in a way that each member will only be able to visit your Web site once. That way you will pay only for one unique visit. Or set your offer so that our members will only be able to visit your site once a day. You will also be able to target your offer to a specific country or the member's citizenship, a region or time of the day. You will only receive the visitors you need.

You set the reward for each visit, starting at only $0.01. The higher the reward you set, the more popular your offer will be for our members; you'll get more quality visits. We provide you with reports regarding your marketing campaign; you will be able to control it effectively and you will receive a wide variety of options to analyze the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. Remember that our member gets one third of the amount that you pay to us for each visit.

Your site will only be visited by the members that are interested in your offer. This is the easiest way to attract thousands of highly targeted visitors to your site.

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