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Pay-Per-Lead Program

You pay for each correct and exact completion of your offer. This might be a registration on your Web site, a vote, a subscription to your mailing list, a download of the program, participation in your program, registration through your referral link in another program, etc.

You set the amount that will be paid for each completion of your offer, starting at the base rate of $0.15. The higher the price you set, the more popular your offer will be for our members. And you'll get more leads. Remember that our member gets one third of the amount that you pay us for each registration.

You will be able to accept or decline each lead. We will provide you with the tools to do this, so that you will only pay for the actual result.

For better quality control of your offer, you will have to place our tracking code on your Web site. This code loads a 1x1 pixel image from our server and will have to be placed on the last page of the registration process (such as the registration confirmation page). This code will give us necessary information and will be used to identify our members in your system. (For example, the unique ID of our members in your program or the E-mail address in your mailing list, etc.) Code placement won't require any specific skills from your side and will not cause any difficulties with the placement or with the usage of the site. We guarantee that the tracking code will not harm the functionality of your Web site, and the code's usage will not violate our Privacy Policy.

Free Offers
When our member successfully completes your offer, we will receive the necessary information regarding the completion with the tracking code. After that you will see a list of members in your Advertiser Account that have completed your offer, and using the information regarding the users you may either accept or decline each offer. There is also an option to automatically accept the leads; this will let you decrease the time spent on the control of your advertising campaign. Such offers will be placed in the Free Offers section.

Paid Tasks
There is also an option not to put the tracking code on your site. This will work when you want to advertise not only your programs, but also your referral links in other programs. Because you don't have access to edit those sites, you won't be able to place the tracking code. But there is a way to make this work as well. Every member that registers through your referral link automatically tells us the ID that he receives (E-mail or ID). Then you will review the complete list of all the members registered in your programs or through your referral links and check if they are actually your referrals in the advertised system and either accept or decline each registration. These offers will be placed in the Paid Tasks section.

We provide a variety of reports that show you many aspects of each unique completed offer by each member, as well as the summary reports that allow you to pay only for the actual, quality physical result. The Pay-Per-Lead program is the most effective and beneficial type of online advertising.

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