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Pay-Per-Email Program

We have a lot of members - over 115,000. Most of them have agreed to and are interested in receiving e-mails from our advertisers. You can create your own Pay-Per-Email program and e-mail your offers to our members (Double Opt-In E-mail). This is a huge audience that will receive and read your e-mail advertisements and then visit your Web site and participate in your program. NO SPAM! We strictly follow our Privacy Policy.

Unlike other Pay-Per-Email programs we don't take money for the number of e-mails sent out, but only for Real Visits to your site. You don't pay for "empty" e-mails. You pay for real visitors. This is the advantage of using!

You pay only for those people who will read your e-mail, click on the link in it, and visit your site.

You decide the reward for each visit to your site from the e-mail - $0.01 and up. The higher the reward per e-mail you set, the more popular your offer will be with our members and the more quality visits you will get. Remember that our members receive one third of the sum that you pay to us for each e-mail.

We provide the widest range of possibilities for settings and the targeting of your Pay-Per-Email campaign. You can set your offer by the country of citizenship of our members or by the regions and interests of our users. You will receive quality visits only from the audience you need!

This is a very effective and popular type of online advertising. It allows you to tremendously increase the number of visitors to your Web site, involve a lot of new potential clients, and get known and popular.

If our members will not click on the link in your paid e-mail then you will receive money back for all unclaimed e-mails.

Register, start your own advertising campaign and direct your business on the road to success and prosperity!


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